I do love cafés.

I wouldn’t mind sitting there all day.

Brussels, Belgium.

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  1. Great picture! Love how the use of wood on the shop itself. It gives an antique feeling to it.


  2. I agree! And I think you really get to know a place through the people that come in and out of a cafe’s doors! Lovely pic 🙂


  3. Me too! I have a blog called Capuccineandoenlimaperu due to my coffee love!:D Jajaja… But true.


  4. I could join you if you like 😉

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  5. Yes cafe’s are rather comfy, and besides. a lot of open minded people, go there…

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    • Indeed, I could spend hours in cafés, reading writing, thinking, sipping my café. I’m happy that people in Europe are not thrown out of places after finishing their meal or caffee in order to make way for other tipping customers.


      • Wonderful courtesy, and honorable way’s, they have in Europe, for their customers. This type of consideration, help’s elevate, the intellect, in the individual.

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  6. Such an inviting cafe! Indeed, makes me want to stop and spend a bit of time.

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  7. This s such a lovely shot~ I am a huge Cafe fan! ❤
    All the best to you. Aquileana 😀

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