Snippets of Vienna.

Recently, I was looking at my Vienna pics from my one-day-in-Vienna-and-trying-to-squeeze-in-as-much-as-possible trip. I have already written several posts on this day, you’ll see the links below.
And I realized that I had some photos left that I really liked but couldn’t use in my posts. So I’ve decided to offer you a slideshow of some nice leftover shots.
My impression was that sometimes some random photos can reflect very well the appearance and atmosphere of a city.

For more comprehensive information you may take a look at my following posts:

And now, enjoy the slideshow!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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  1. Vienna looks amazing! I’ve never been, but one day I hope to…


  2. I was in Vienna last week end! Amazing!

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  3. Vienna is a place I’d love to visit. Great slide show.

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  4. Is the ferris wheel still there? The one that was in the Third Man?


  5. Beautiful slideshow! I’m so looking forward to visiting Vienna sometime soon. Fingers crossed!

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  6. A great slideshow. You’ve captured the magic of the city so well. Thank you for all your posts. They make such a great resource.

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  7. Stunning gallery of photographs… Thanks for the little tour!. Best wishes, Aquileana 🙂

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  8. I really enjoyed your beautiful collection of photographs. Everyone I know who has been to Vienna fell in love with it, so I’m hoping one day I will go and do the same.

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